Small adventure to Wittenberg

It has been on my list almost since I moved to Berlin. I needed to come to Wittenberg. I am not Lutheran but my tradition owes much to Luther and I did serve a church that was half Lutheran for a few years. Plus, if you are Protestant, well, you know about Luther and these very famous doors. I had to see it. Really, it would be a shame if I didn’t spend time in this town. This is just a quick 40 minute train ride away from Berlin.

Ana and I decided this was the time. I couldn’t have chosen a better weekend weather wise. Although cold, the sun was out in full force yesterday as I walked and walked and walked around. I got here about 10:30 in the morning and had until 2pm to wander before checking into the hostel I stayed at. This happened to be plenty of time to see Luther’s house, wander the streets and end up at Castle Church at the site of the very famous doors. These are newer doors but this was the place, as you can tell by the bronzed in theses. Luther is also buried in this place. The church inside is just gorgeous and the outside is impressive.

The town is quite sweet and lovely. I wandered to the town church as well for noon day prayers, where Luther was married and would preach at times. It was nice to sit and pray where so much history has been. The mini message was brought to us by Luther.

This town is impressive with street art as well so my afternoon, after checking in was full of wandering to see the next great picture painted on a wall. In Wittenberg the art is a mix of religious commentary and secular work. There is even some Luther graffitti, go figure. The old part of the city is surrounded by green space and beautiful to walk and walk. I stopped for food and felt as though the city was open just for me. It is not a touristy season so it is full of empty quiet space in which there is no rush. I had a lovely breakfast in the hostel today all by myself with yummy coffee and a spread that could feed so many! I enjoyed every minute.

There will be more reflecting and writing but for now it was a good thing to take a small little adventure for the Lenten season.

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