December 21, 2010

Good morning!  Happy Winter Solstice!

Today’s Readings: Psalm 85, Isaiah 29:9=24, Luke 1:26-38
This morning’s Luke scripture is one of my favorites.  The Angel Gabriel appears to Mary as if nothing is crazy about this situation.  Gabriel greets her and then lets her know what is up with God.  Yeah, she will have God’s baby.  She takes a deep breath an asks, “How can this be?” He calmly tells her more and she responds with, “Here I am, servant of the Lord.”  Wow! wow! wow!  Interesting story! 

At the last order of elders in Bend in October, the worship team (including me) asked a couple of wonderful clergy to read this story for us to reflect on.  The first reading was exuberant and vibrant with lively colors as Gabriel announced with flare the coming of this baby.  The second was intense and vibrant in a different way.  Both captured our attention and put new ways of looking at the story in our hearts.  I connected with both on very different levels. Both stories looked deep into an ancient story.  Both spoke with Mary with familiarity and loveliness.  Both caught the attention of all.  You could have heard every word. Got me to thinking….

Do you believe in angels and if so, who are they to you?  A very large part of the Christmas story relies on angels…an angel to Mary, an angel comes to Joseph, a whole bunch of angels to the Shepherds and more angels singing Glory! 

I believe that I see God through people…is this the same as seeing an angel?  Perhaps so. 

One of my favorite blogs of the season is called The Advent Door written by Jan Richardson.  Jan is an amazing artist, poet, and spiritual being.  In response to angels she writes this….



who wait with us
who labor with us
who cry out with us


who know our limits
who push us beyond them
who see us through


who call us to our strengths
who tend us in our weakness
who dress each ragged wound


who laugh in the face of convention
who weep for our own pain
who bid us come and live.

[Reflection and prayer from Night Visions © Jan L. Richardson.]

Maybe today, as light begins to return, we can think about angels in our lives…where they are, who they are, and how we can be aware.  Amen.



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  1. mira says:

    For Mary, the angel helps her go from “no way!” to “I see it all now. May it be to me as you have said.” I’m going to think about and give thanks for the people who help me move from place to place like that.

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