December 22, 2010

Good morning!  Happy Wednesday!

Today’s Readings: Psalm 50, Isaiah 31:1-9, Luke 1:39-56

We are two days away from Christmas Eve and the excitement is building in the air….can you feel it?  What does that mean for different people? 

When I was a kiddo, this meant that my brothers and I talked about which room we would all sleep in so no one got up earlier than the rest.  It always turned out we slept in my room because I am the oldest and I wanted to sleep in my bed.  At the time, I would almost dread that early 5am wake up from my younger brothers to run down stairs.  They would all jump on my bed and I would barter how many more hours I would get of precious sleep that morning.  We would also chatter about what we thought we might be getting and how many cookies to make and what we would do Christmas Eve. 

And then there was actual Christmas Eve.  My dad read Polar Express to us after we all went to church.  We would eat some yummy food and worship together.  We all used to get pajamas Christmas Eve night as our first gift.  Then my dad and I usually chose to go to the later Christmas Eve service together.

That’s where my anticipation would build.  There is just something about going to a later service that ends in the early minutes of Christmas morning.  I guess I was a church nerd from very early on.

For many the excitement comes from seeing dear ones return home or going to see them.  I love seeing the parents post on facebook…the kids are home!!!!  There is always 5 exclamation points to follow and many adventures over the next couple of days.  I have to admit that it warms my heart.  I even called my brother the other day just to say, “You’re home!!!!!”  I was so excited!

For many, to build up the excitement, holiday movies are pulled out…The Santa Clause, Christmas Vacation, and A Christmas Carol to name a few.  This is true of my parentals.  My dad even collects different versions of A Christmas Carol.  So at Thanksgiving we always watch White Christmas and the movies have begun.  There’s the 1930s version of Christmas Carol all the way to the newest version just out last year. 🙂 

For many the excitement comes from putting up the tree with many lights and special ornaments.  And perhaps you spend some time just reflecting as you watch the brilliant lights.

For worship team this week, excitement was definitely in the air as we talked through all the details of our two worship services.  We all got excited talking about singing and readings and communion.  We can’t wait! 

And for many, the excitement can turn to dread as you may remember a loved one that is not near this season…or family is not a happy word…or life is just super hard this year and it doesn’t seem like an exciting festival…and that’s ok too.  May you be wrapped in comfort this season.

Mary this morning has a mix of all emotion…shock, a bit of sadness, and yet awe and wonder of what God is doing.  She is excited as she sings…a bit fearful and a bit upset…but excited to see what God is to do.  Her soul magnifies God.  She has become a servant for the story to come.  She is wrapped in comfort, excitement, wonder and love for the new adventure.  While she doesn’t have the tree, the cookies, or the stockings, she has worship to behold.  We get to worship with her this season.

Mary’s Magnificat by Julie Lonneman



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