December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!  Tomorrow morning will be my last blogging of this Advent season.  Thank you so much for participating!  Stay tuned for more blogging throughout the year. 🙂

Today’s Readings: Psalm 18:1-20, Isaiah 33:17-22, Luke 1:57-66

Yesterday I ended up, spontaneously, at Dick and Genne Sherman’s house for a hot bowl of soup for lunch and awesome conversation. We all three took a moment to sit at the table together, breathe together, and really chat for a bit…it was lovely.  We talked about Christmas plans and the chaos of Christmas.  But then we got into some great conversation about Christmas traditions.  Dick was remembering when his mother made little fruitcakes for everyone.  He was also remembering that they probably were not everyone’s favorite to receive.  Then Genne was remembering spending Christmas with family and they were both remembering when traditions shifted.

There are many traditions in my family that have tended to start shifting.  Some of that is my fault as I have moved around and I am now occupied on Christmas Eve.  But there are certain traditions that we hope to keep as families change and shift and grow.  My family hopes to keep the tradition alive of gathering together, eating together, and giving heartfelt gifts to one another.  I think my dad still reads Polar Express on Christmas Eve evening but not all of us are there.  When that happens, we can say, “Remember that dad reads Polar Express right now?”  For those of us who aren’t there for that moment, we might be creating new traditions.  I am excited to join the Pederson’s this Christmas Eve for some of their traditions which are becoming mine for this year.  How lovely! 

And for some, this is a hard time of year because traditions are changing.  Perhaps someone is missed.  Or life isn’t quite how we would like it to be.  For those out there who are struggling, please know that you are in my heart this season.  Everything gets accentuated at Christmastime.   

What are your traditions?  What new traditions are you creating this year?

Now, there is one tradition that I really don’t want to leave out……for many, a huge tradition is watching those movies that you hold dear.  One for me is “Charlie Brown’s Christmas.”  So what is a better way to celebrate Christmas Eve Eve than this little clip?  It may remind you of one tradition that should still be held dear.:)



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  1. mira says:

    One of the traditions in Eric’s family is to eat crab for Christmas dinner. Last time, they made me my own vegetarian meal and I was done eating 45 minutes before they were. But I didn’t mind, cause it meant that I got to hold the baby (our tiny niece) that whole time 🙂

    Confession: I have never seen the Charlie Brown Christmas movie. Maybe this year will be the year.

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