What a ride!

These past couple of days have been full! Let me give you just a few of the highlights…

Bishop Bob preached! On Thursday night our bishop gave an inspiring message about the healing power of love in Christ. He called us to remember that we aren’t dead yet and it is time to remember that we follow a Christ full of life and love….no matter who it is at all. All are welcome to the table.

Legislation! For the past few days delegates have been in legislative committees to vote on legislation to place on the consent calendar for the larger group. They have been working hard, dedicating long hours, debating much, and moving along mostly. I have found this to be a place of hard conversations and politics in the church. In the last few seconds of committee times, interesting politics took hold. One of the biggest issues the delegates are looking at is the restructure of the larger church. After two days of work, that particular committee could not agree on anything to present to the floor, interesting indeed!

What did I do these past days? As a page, we were assigned a different committee each shift that we worked. In that committee, we ran errands, took votes, and generally did anything that was asked of us. Plus we got to listen in on discussions. It is sometimes more difficult than I anticipated to be impartial in some conversations. 🙂

Other moments to remember! On Friday night we participated in a service of repentance to our native American brothers and sisters. It was extremely moving. Just before we had dinner with our bishop and had a great time. The pages I work with are fab people and we are getting to be pretty close. Finally, the realization is that it is hard to be a global church. Just waiting for translation can be a wake up call but even more than that, we have different starting places in the conversation.

More to come….keep us in prayer and send much love! Much love to you all!





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