Day 2 General Conference

Hey all! Yesterday was a long and work filled day so I didn’t get to update but here I am with a few hours of rest and ready to catch up. The Pages gathered at 9am to distribute all of the goodies for the delegates. We handed out bags, pamphlets, post it’s and so much more! We ran around…hurried up to wait and danced in the aisles during worship practice until 230ish in the afternoon.

Uber hungry and ready to be off our feet, four of us went to find lunch. Turns out this pastor found the other pastors who like to be just a bit snarky….surprise surprise I know. It was truly wonderful to get to know my page brothers and sisters a bit more. And these are young adult clergy as well.

After a lovely “lunch” we returned to the floor for opening worship. 5000 people sang, prayed, and commune together…what an experience. Worship was full of lovely moments and wonderful calls to renew the church.

Today I was up bright and early to arrive at the center at 7am to distribute more stuff and find our positions on the floor. I was assigned to microphone 2. My job was to stand by and if some one speaks in my mic I track them down to fill out a speaker form. Pretty exciting. The really cool part was being on the floor for the episcopal address and young persons address. The call was amazing and inspiring from both areas. The church is being called to respond and take action. To not work on saving the institution but transforming the world. Powerful!

Today I have been inspired to move forward in our call to be the church. Tonight I will return to plenary as a runner near our delegation. Should be fun connections to be made! More later….




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