Bring your pastor to work day – Linfield!

Yesterday I was invited to go to work with some of our Linfield faculty and staff for some professional development.  I was invited by Jeff Peterson and in the mix I got to see Michael Hampton and Kristi MacKay in action.  I have to be honest that I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into .  Jeff told me that this was a day of professional development, I got a lunch and wine tasting out of it and I would learn something along the way.  I was excited to see Jeff and Michael on the list to present when I saw the schedule.

I had to get there a bit late due to some other meetings I already had scheduled.  This meant that I would miss most of the mornings guest speaker on community based research.  When I walked in, I already could see that there was lots of information that I could connect with as being part of the community that works with Linfield.

After  a break, we moved into the conference room at the library to hear from a panel of faculty that have received grants to do research pertaining to the northwest through the Linfield center for the northwest.  They are doing community based research by being out in the community with their research.  It was great to hear about how Linfield is integrating the northwest into research and working with students.

While we ate lunch, we then heard from the guest speaker again about how this works in Chicago area.  For me, it was fun to see neighborhoods that I knew and loved.  Jeff was the host of this day so it was also fun to see how he made everyone feel welcome as more people arrived just for the lunchtime hour.

After lunch, Jeff gave a presentation about the Center for the Northwest to update those who had come to the day of development.  This is a Center at Linfield that Jeff founded and has worked in. He is passionate about this Center and how our community can be impacted by partnerships with Linfield.  His presentation was crisp and informative.

After yet another presentation, we headed out to Vista Hills winery to hear from a panel of students about their internships.  This is where I got to see Michael and Kristi in action.  I learned much from their presentation and hearing from students. From my perspective, it was good to hear that there are wants and needs for internships with community partners which could be the CoOp.  We have had one Linfield intern since I have been here and it was a successful partnership where the student learned about the community and our information base was broadened.  Michael has a fantastic way of encouraging people to integrate information, internships, and community.  He is enthusiastic and passionate about what he does.

Thanks to all three for showing me a fantastic day and really getting the brain juices flowing!  I had a great time and feel as though I can translate some of what you all do to the church world….I also have to point out that these three are showing what it means to be hospitable, enthusiastic, passionate, and compassionate aka people of God out in the world! Plus this really isn’t a bad view to end the day with….whew creation!


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