Bring your pastor to work day – Willamina Elementary School!

I received an email this weekend from Rebecca Arredondo seeing if I would like to go with her to her classroom to help clean up and learn more about her work. I immediately said “yes! Let’s go to work!  How about Monday?”  So I dutifully showed up at Willamina Elementary School a little late (12:30pm) but the classroom was open and jobs were set aside just for me.

Rebecca taught a first/second grade blended class last year and will be moving into 1st grade this next year.  She is a passionate teacher who loves teaching and her kiddos! Her classroom is fun and decorated with all sorts of fun colors and learnings.

Rebecca is organized and is always learning new amazing ways to teach.  Her theories are all inclusive and whole picture.  I loved hearing Rebecca talk about what she is excited about. She is also working on a project that would be amazing for families all over the community.  I definitely think she has a heart for this ministry in the world.  Rebecca is caring, enthusiastic, and ready to make a difference in the world!

While we talked, I also worked.  I cleaned chairs, cleaned different things to put up in the classroom, sorted files and markers.  I had a great time knowing that I was helping out bit by bit.  Rebecca also gave me a tour of the school. I am fascinated by the pod approach of the school and I really enjoyed getting to see around the school.

Thanks for a fab day Rebecca!

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