Most mornings that we have been here in this small Spanish town on the Southern Coast, I get up and after writing, prayers, and a bit of study, I get ready to go out and about around the town.  I walk around, stop to buy bread and fruits and veggies, I try to find new places around this little down and walk along the sea.  Often I see a group of older men sitting by the main road just watching the world each morning. Usually not far away at a table there may be a whole group of older women talking about the world. All Spaniards.

A few mornings ago, I was out and about walking down the road.  When I came up to this gentleman.  What you do not see about this gentleman is that his face looks rather grumpy and a bit off putting if you plan on being friendly. I approached this man and smiled at him as I started to pass.  He looked up and said in a rather gruff tone, Buena!

He kind of smiled and I smiled more and more.  Buena! I responded to him.

What I have noticed about this place and something I love and will miss is the constant welcome and warm greeting.  Buena! When you see someone…buena! First thing in the morning….Buena!  When you are looking to see who is passing you by…Buena!

There is something wonderful about acknowledging and welcoming in the other, isn’t there?

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  1. Buena, Courtney! Your post made me smile!

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