A moment of deep gratitude


Yesterday was a good day.  Ana and I are here until tomorrow and so we are taking these days to try to be out in the sun as much as possible and soak in this moment…the sun, the sea, the seafood, the Spanish, and the ridiculously amazing sunsets here.  This was the sunset from last night.  It had gotten pretty chilly for Spain that is and the sunset happens right around 6pm.  We had closed the doors and windows but had to reopen them and we kept running to the windows to see this spectacular moment.

We spent much of our time yesterday just in deep gratitude for this month here.  We are headed back to Berlin for a couple of weeks where it is cold and the sun sets at 3:30 in the afternoon. We both feel it might be a shock to our system and yet this is exactly what we thought it would be like. We wanted a month of Spain to get us ready for the darker and the colder months. This month has meant warm climate, warm people, and amazing sights. It has meant many walks along the sea and time to just sit and hear the waves, the ever consistent waves even if they change size and tone.  This month has been about soaking in the time to plot out and write some things down.

We are excited to get back to our space and I am over the moon excited that this means we are headed to the states very soon. And at the same time we keep taking bites of things and saying, “Oh, I will miss this” and sitting by the sea and already knowing that we will miss this. It all comes with this deep deep well of gratitude. Not many can just do this in this way. Not many have the resources or the availability and we do. What deep deep thanks we can give for November.

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