Back in Berlin!

Well, for a few days.  We flew back into Berlin late last night.

This was us just hours earlier in La Herradura….


Yes, those are Palm Trees. Yes, we were in short sleeved shirts, sipping white wine and eating seafood soup in front of the amazing sea.  Just a little windy but still we wore our sunglasses proudly and soaked in every bit of sun possible.  We said goodbye to this sweet little town and got on a bus….then another bus…then waited in the airport…to get on our plane…to another bus and finally…

Back to our flat in Berlin. As we got off the plane, the cold and wet hit our faces and immediately I could see my breath.  From 65 degrees to 30 degrees in one day and from dry and wind to drizzling cold.

We both unloaded our stuff and tried to nestle into bed.  We both couldn’t sleep. Overwhelmed? Yes.  Minds racing? Yes!

We are here for 18 days before the next grand adventure back to the states and with that comes all sorts of emotions.

The thing I am appreciating though is this morning of coziness while it is cold outside. I am loving the Christmas music blasting from the coffee shop next to the grocery store as I pick up a few essentials for our day.  I am eager to wrap myself in warmth not from the sky but from our own home nestling.  I bought an Advent calendar at the store because its that kind of time, to reflect darkness and light, to wait, to see Christmas lights and wander Christmas markets.  That wasn’t quite the case yet in Southern Spain.

So now we are just wading back into a bit of life here and reflecting about how much difference a day makes. 🙂


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