Transitioning back to Berlin

I am back in the European time zones after a month on the West Coast of the US and I have to say, jet lag is for reals, my friends.  We had a wonderful trip and there will be much more reflection about that space and my place in that space and subsequently my transition back into life here but for now let’s talk about here and now.  As someone who transitions from there to here, I have had to spend a few days just dwelling in right now. img_5514

I came back with quite a nasty cold on top of jet lag. My body, since Sunday evening Berlin time, has been in protest mode.  I have had to just give into being on the couch for these days back.  It has been a struggle for me, the one who wants to constantly be going and doing things.  Patience is not my virtue. I have been struggling with wanting to jump back in with both feet and my body has said no way, we are going to ease into this. Wade in. Just a little bit. Ok, a little more.

When I felt a little better, I tried to take off with a run and did way too many things which lead me back to staying in bed all of yesterday. Today I feel much better and yet I am trying to learn from my mistake before. Today I am writing and connecting but still from the comfort of resting my weary body.

Luckily, I have a constant cuddly companion by my side during this time.  Luna came back with us on the loooonnnng plane ride and she has no problem with the cuddle stance as you can tell from the pic.  She has been great about keeping me in place, allowing me to listen to my body and to what we need. She reminds me that we came from a place that is nine timezones away.  She wakes up to munch at 3am and is fast asleep mid afternoon which reminds me that my jet lag is for reals as well.  It is not just me or in my mind. I must transition slower than I would like.

And perhaps my want to jet through this transition is my trying to reject processing what I am feeling about returning to Berlin.  I love Portland. I love the people in Portland and what I do there and while Berlin and my travels get to hold me now while I learn about my place in the world, it is a lot to process when or why or what.  This is the journey of someone who chooses this path, isn’t it?

It is as if the Camino continues and the search for all that I am continues.  No wonder I have immediately started looking up Camino paths again. 🙂

More to come but for now, I am back!


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