Venturing out


As I transition back to Berlin, I am trying to push myself back out there again. Turns out that returning back in the midst of winter makes that motivation a little bit harder.  When we came back, I got sick which kept me in and it is so cozy in our nice warm flat. Having the pup around has been good for getting out a couple of times each day but even as I type I am constantly debating…ok, should I go explore somewhere or keep inside and work on some things. Like this blog. Where it is warm. And I could make more coffee and cuddle with the pup.

Hmmm…the dilemma is a real one.  And furthermore, as an expat who isn’t working day to day, who isn’t back in class yet and has sporadic commitments who also still feels the tugging homesickness, maybe even more acutely since returning, there is always tomorrow.  This is good and bad.

After I was pretty sick, venturing back in Berlin was an important step to readjusting to life here. It felt important to remember where I was living, to reconnect with some people and to feel as though I could get back into it.  I started small with meeting someone for coffee and a random museum.

This is a weird dilemma that I have never really faced before. I am usually one to be leaping out into the world as fast as I can but today for example.

I have some time. Do I fill it with chores like the store and cleaning and some writing before I travel across town to my first pottery class or…

Do I push it to go to a museum today and wander around (and yes the little bit of snow on the ground does make a difference) and feel as though I have explored today on top of new experiences?

hmmmm…the constant back and forth of coming back to this place….

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