Well, hello Fall!


Last weekend Ana and I did something that started as an idea and became a really fun and necessary thing for us in the midst of a busy time.  We have been trying this summer, instead of travelling all over in July and August, to embrace summer in and around Berlin.   We have a long list of things we want to do here and with everything we do, the list grows. So I suggested that we take some time each weekend to do something off of that list. In passing I also mentioned it might be really fun to stay in one of the fun hotels in Berlin that we have heard about over night. Just as something different in this cool city we live in. Ana loved the idea and we picked out a hotel. It was pretty awesome for everyone because we got to spend time in a fancy hotel for a night and feel like we were on vacay, some friends of ours got to stay at our place and have pup time overnight and a place without housemates, and the pups got long walks and new friends. A win for everyone.

We had a great time last weekend as we headed to a totally different part of town that neither of us had been in or spent any time in.  We had picked a hotel with a spa attached and free entry for us staying there.  When we got to the hotel we were both in shorts and short sleeved shirts. I wore my sandals and we couldn’t wait for hotel sponsored AC.  AC is hard to come by in Germany.  What a treat!

We had a fantastic relaxing time. If you have never stayed in a hotel in the city you live, we highly recommend it for a different perspective and a nice reset.

But the funny thing was that when we left the hotel, we both had to bundle up a little to go back outside.  It was as if overnight it became chilly Fall. Ever since last weekend, the hot hot days have turned into super chilly mornings and nights and semi warm lovely days. Fall has arrived in full force.  It was a drastic difference and well marked by our time away, if only for just one night.  Ana and I went our separate ways…she headed back home and I headed to my nannying job which allowed me to walk through the trees a bit before arriving.  I just kept basking in the different colors all of a sudden around me.  Nature knows that this has been a process but all of a sudden Fall was right in my face.  My cardigan sweater is now always within reach. I am trying to stay outdoors as much as possible while I can to enjoy the moments, but now with socks on most of the time.

I love this shift. I love what it does to my brain in causing reflection and new ideas, dreams, processes.  I love walking through leaves and thinking about life cycles. I love the newness that it represents or at least the shifting into something different.

During our hotel stay we stayed at the top floor and the balcony looked on the street.  The hotel is across from a biergarten and in a fairly touristy part of town, not the most touristy but still many tourists around. 🙂  At one point, we stood on the balcony and played one of my favorite games.  We looked at someone or a couple walking down the street and asked each other, “what’s their story?”  We then get to guess what their story might be. Where did he come from? Where did she get her outfit? How did they meet? What does she do for her job?  Was he raised in Berlin?  We make up stories to back the people we see.  We become outlandish with our choices or moderate with our storyline. We giggle at what might be and what people might say about us if they were watching us. What is our story?

I love this game because the possibilities are endless, the people are real, and the imagination when people watching is unlimited.  I constantly think about people’s stories…why they do what they do, what they do when they are just hanging out, what its like to live where they live, work where they work, dream what they dream, meet who they meet . What is their story?  What is your story?  How are we creating that space for one another?  Living here allows me to see sooooo many other stories.  So many stories to learn and to hear.  Can’t wait for more.


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