A surprising bit of heaven on earth

Last night as I was coming home I needed to take the bus a few stops.  I was in a neighborhood that is close but also not quite close enough.  I knew that I needed to take a bus that I usually avoid.  So often this bus is extremely crowded, stops at a ton of stops so it takes much longer than other forms of transportation and especially at night it can be loud. On top of all of that, as approached the bus stop I saw the bus I needed pull away…if only I had made it a few minutes earlier!!

I approached the bus stop and looked at the the schedule. It appeared that another one would be there shortly.  As I looked up, behold, there is a bus I can get on.  I didn’t have wifi to validate a ticket and I just needed a short ticket so I got on the bus and said to the driver, “Kurze ticket, bitte.”  He waved me to the back and grunted something that might have been something like, “never mind.” what a pleasant surprise!  Great!

I went to a seat and plopped down just to realize that this bus was air conditioned! It’s been hot here..awww.  I looked at my phone to see that it had connected to wifi…another lovely surprise. Usually this route is the older buses so I never expect wifi.  And then I looked around to notice there were just a few of us on this bus!  Alas, just 5 short stops later I was at my destination but seriously pondered staying on.  What was this little moment of relief?  52308089_264817894459696_657029535056349337_n

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