I could give that tour!

It’s official! I have memorized the Berlin Free Walking tour.  I need to work on my memorization of dates but I have the general stops and good stories down cold.  Ana’s sister is in town so we went on the tour (this is like the 3rd time for me and first for Ana) on Saturday.  I accidentally asked questions before the guide was ready and was a little miffed that some of my fav stories were left out by this guy.  He was a great guide though and I learned a few more things to add to my own tour that I can give.  I tell you this for a few reasons…

  1. when you come to visit I am ready for you and can give tours with the best of them.
  2. makes me wonder if I should start offering such things but also makes me get inspired to offer things I am good at
  3. re inspires me to explore more in this city. The more I explore the more I add to my list and want to learn more
  4. history is consistently fascinating and awesome here
  5. I think I would love being a tour guide…could you imagine?? Hello extroverts dream come true!

Thanks to another good weekend of hosting!


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