It’s cold here!

October Neukolln

Facebook has this feature that allows you to see what you posted in years past. I love it. I love to see the memories of last year, two years ago and up to 10 years ago that I posted. In some ways my life has drastically changed and yet I get to see threads of what has happened, who I am, and what the changing of the seasons bring.  I also get to see how less stressed I am now and how much healthier I am in this not as frantic lifestyle. Almost every year in the past 10 years I have posted that I am coming down with a cold right about now and that shifted once I moved to Berlin.  Coincidence? I think not!

This fall also does not bring what used to be a super busy month of October.  October in the church world brings lots of conferences, meetings, planning for Advent activities and full on onslaught of extra activities. In my current life October is bringing also extra activities but it is a return to school in classes I am excited about, a new pottery workshop, extra imagining of what life can be, some writing deadlines which feels like I am finally doing the thing I was dreaming of doing, and long walks with extra layers.  October is bringing a cold front to Germany as well which is causing all sorts of coziness and warmth.

On Sunday we went to Templehof Feld again so our dogs could get some much needed running around. I opened Facebook and saw that exactly a year from Sunday we were in the same park but in short sleeved shirts and basking in the sun on the park lawn for hours. We were still in sun this year but bundled and with our hats on. It was downright cold.  It is like we have been launched directly in winter and it has us dreaming of a day under blankets, cuddled and cozied in and watching good movies while we watch the rain outside.  The difference in how I lead my life shows a listening to my body in different ways, a listening to what my spirit needs and a difference in how I honor spaces for reflection, meditation and new ideas.

Let’s hope this is here to stay and not just a fad…

fall us

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