People I know: Erin

This is Erin…


Erin and I met in a bar in the fall of 2016 (or so).  Our wives, now both ex wives, were both parts of groups that decided that this particular night both groups would go to this particular bar and we came along to hang out with them. Erin and I ended up sitting next to one another at this very large table and we got to talking.  That night we talked about theology, life, finding purpose, art, people in the world, etc.  We connected right away and then our different groups went our different ways but we happened to add each other as friends on Facebook.

We chatted a bit on Facebook but Erin and I have sometime such different interests that it wasn’t until we both really needed someone that we became fast friends.  When I was going through an extremely difficult breakup pretty soon after that meeting, Erin was one of the people that came over often to see how I was doing. She was so kind and easy to hang out with. She didn’t expect me to over function or to preform.  She knew what it meant to walk alongside my pain and still just be.  Our differences didn’t matter because what we had in common…a love of people, a tender heart, an openness to new experiences and adventures, a love of beauty and just need for connection…outweighed the differences in our worlds.

When I got back from the Camino in June of 2017 and I was moving into my new basement apartment in a great house, Erin helped me move but it was clear pretty soon after that she needed a place to live too.  We agreed that she would be my roommate.  I didn’t need as much space as I had and I wanted more community in my life.  She needed space, loved the pups, and also wanted connection.  We lived together as roommates for a year and I can say with complete sincerity that she has been one of the best people to live with…ever.

Erin is passionate about the world.  I admire her so because after her difficult break up and divorce she devoted time into finding what made her passionate in the world and she discovered two things…

  1. Being a full time nanny, and being passionate about this work, is totally legit and she would be doing it as long as she could because that is who she is created to be in her professional life.
  2. She discovered that she is truly an artist and decided to devote time, money, training and self into her art to fully become a called artist in the world. She established a studio and started working on her art.  She is an amazing artist in the world.  Just catch a glimpse…

erin art

Erin is someone that doesn’t need to be entertained but is up for any adventure. She is kind and loyal as a friend.  She cleans as part of her processing and loves to do it (an excellent trait in a housemate).  She is fully of energy and life and infuses moments with more light.  Or she can just be in the same room and its comfortable to just be too.   Erin is constantly working on herself which to me is a sign of courage in anyone and also a sign of maturity that I want to be around.  She is also willing to say when she has been wrong or when she has messed up but doesn’t dwell on it or let it dissuade her.  Erin is strong in so many ways and is full of spirit.  She asks questions and is curious about the world and then sees beauty through that curiosity.  She loves the Timbers and hikes and her kiddos above all else….and a good cup of coffee while outside is always a delight.

A kindred for sure.

Check out her etsy HERE!



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