Camino Countdown

camino 2

We start our second Camino journey from St. Jean in just….

233 days from today!  

I did the math. I made a countdown on my computer and am pondering what that looks like over the next 9ish months before we take our first steps out of St. Jean and on to Santiago.

This week that looks like reading another Camino memoir of a couple who were pilgrims but now live along the Camino and their journeys. It means that I am starting to think about what I need to buy for the journey.  It means that it feels like it will happen as part of this monumental year of 2020.  It means that I have even reserved the popular and much anticipated night in Orisson in the Pyrenees.  And it means that it is always somewhere in the back of my mind.

What will it mean for next week?

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