Keep the liquids comin’

Much to my chagrin I am home sick today.  It is rare for me to give in to cancelling everything and loading up on rest and liquids.  Ana’s mom is visiting and I really hate that I came down with a cold the second evening she has been here (Monday) and by today it is full blown, much too much snot, head murkiness abounding ….the common but completely annoying cold.

Today Ana and her mom went to a Therme.

And I cancelled babysitting and stayed home with the pups.  I have liquids lined up, medicines on deck and cuddly pups to help.  My head is a bit floaty so the school work I promised myself I would do is taking twice the time.  TV may win out for a bit and perhaps a nap.

In these moments, I have to remind myself a few things….

  1.  I am still not as sickly as often as I was the years before I decided to take a break from the church and take care of myself for a little while.
  2. I have been building my life so I can have the space when I need it in order to care for myself instead of pushing through and causing more harm than good.
  3. I work with little petri dishes right now on an almost daily basis (kids in school are this) and I am on public transit which is basically germ city AND I go to university 2-3 times a week…no wonder I came down with a cold and its a good thing it doesn’t happen more often.
  4. I can take the time to rest and care for self without feeling guilty.  We all need these days.  Yes, I wanted to go to the gym but the gym doesn’t want me and my body is rebelling. Yes, I wanted to go explore but the world needs me to stay home to not infect anyone else.  It is now my task to get well.  Oh well.
  5. My body is communicating loud and clear that it needs to just…be.  And that’s ok. Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully because of today it will be one with less snot.

So wish me well and luck for keeping to my mending day.  And send me love and healing energy.

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