Day 2 on the couch, 214 days until Camino!

This morning I woke up and again noticed how gross my entire being still felt. So I took a big sigh, emailed my professors that I would be doing a favor to everyone by staying home and poured more liquid into more glasses. Here we go again.

BUT in my haze of the morning I looked at our Camino countdown and we are at 214 days until we start our trek.  Yesterday gave me some space and time to look up what sleeping gear I want this time..leaning towards a bug treated liner and a down blanket that rolls into practically nothing. It also gave me time and space to facetime with our other pilgrim, Scout and get more and more excited as we map out where we actually want to end (for me last time, Muxia was the appropriate end of the road).

In the meantime, Luna is taking her job of healer/cuddler dog very seriously and today will be full of school reading for the last week of classes and prepping for term papers and probably a nap or two.  Blech.

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