Camino Countdown: 200 days!!!

In just 200 days we will be taking our first steps out of St. Jean and on our way to Santiago.  Or we could say in 6 and a half months we fly out of Berlin…oorrrr after winter and summer, just two seasons!

This week we made a good excel spreadsheet with our packing lists, highlighting the things we still need.  There is still quite a bit on the list but it is amazing to see everything all spelled out and organized on a list.  On Saturday we started to search for my shoes for the trek so we can start to train. I didn’t find the ones but I have begun my search for the perfect pair. This may be the most important decision for our way.  I liked my boots last time but I was a blistery mess and I am hoping to dodge some of that this time.  I am likely to blister some but any steps in the non blister direction would be welcome this time around.

We also made two more reservations this week so now we have reservations to stay for the night we arrive in St. Jean, in Orisson (day one), in Roncesvalles (Day 2) and in Zubiri (Day 3).  We all agree that this is where our reservations stop for now and we live into our pace and what  variables arise.

Ana and I also spent a bit of time looking at some of her pictures from before and I pulled out my journal to remember one of the cities we were trying to pinpoint. This has started me really thinking about what will be different this time around and a few friends have asked.

I am in such a different space this time as the Camino calls me.  The decision to go this time was centered around my dear friend Scout declaring that this was the year for her Way and inviting us along and we immediately are jumping at the chance.  Both Ana and I feel as though the Camino is calling us back but this time together.  We met on the Camino but it was still a very individual journey for both of us.  This time, the three of us are setting out and even though we talk about our journeys and the need for space as well I am really looking forward to travelling with these two.  Scout and I talk about songs we were burst into and how we will be dancing when we can.

I listened to a podcast about pilgrimage a few weeks ago and the author being interviewed talked about the pilgrimage calling things out of us and it changes per journey and part of our job is to figure out what is being called out of us on that pilgrimage. I know that will be different this time than last and I am not sure how yet but I know it will be.

More to come!

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