Camino Countdown: 167 days (23 weeks and some)

This week has been a weird one in the world as we all know…so what does this mean for our Camino?  As of right now we are so thankful that we planned our camino journey for the fall and not the Spring.  We have been really feeling for those who have had to leave their journey for now because albergues are closing and Spain has told pilgrims that they need to return home.  For me, personally, I have started praying like crazy for a number of things but near the top is that this will all resolve by our journeying time and that everyone who had to leave now won’t immediately return in the fall….this could mean for a really packed pilgrimage time.

We can’t do much else to prepare at this time but wait and see.

All of us are on a pilgrimage and we will come out the other side different but together.

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