Happy birthday, Ana!

Today is the birthday of one of my favorite people in the whole wide world!  Happy birthday, to my lovely partner, Ana!  It is not the day that we expected or anticipated but I am so glad that we are celebrating it together.

Ana, we met almost three years ago and I had no idea when I first saw you in the middle of the Pyrenees that we would be on this crazy ride together but I am so glad that a) you were born and b) you chose to live this life together with me.

Ana and I met on the Camino and I instantly knew that this person should be in life. I had no idea how but I saw her and she saw me and we have a grand story from there on out.  Who knew that we would be living together in Berlin, building a beautiful life together and who knows what will happen in the future but we are excited to go through it together.

For today, I hope you, Ana K, feel loved and celebrated. You deserve it, my love!


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