Thank God for the feisty



One of the things that I do like about living in Berlin is being surrounded by the creative. I joke that this city is made up of software engineers and freelance artist.  The technical and the artzy all wrapped in one interesting city, always with something to do.  When the technical and artzy have to go into lockdown and self isolation, what will happen?  Turns out, they get a bit feisty and as always, creative.

What I didn’t expect was that their feisty and creative ways are leaning into helping one another too.  The creatives pull out their white sheets and their paints to create messages for all of us to walk by.  The ones who serve get out their cardboard and extra supplies to create walls of resources for people who need them.   They get feisty to share about housing and rights. They paint their huge signs to hang from their balconies and get out bags of blankets and canned goods to set out for people who need a blanket to keep warm or who can’t get into grocery stores to stock up on tp and canned food.

Thank God for these feisty souls who continue to speak out and serve in creative ways during a hard time. They are giving me hope as new messages wave from balconies and the wall of resources grows just around the corner from our house.  Thank God for the small business owners who put up barriers but still make amazing pizza and new pastries to try. Thank God for the new ways to deliver food so we can support the creative endeavors of new chefs in food carts.  Thank God for the feisty who give us hope in the midst of unknown and uncertain times.  Thank God for creative energy that runs the streets of Berlin in colorful ways and may it be enough to stave off the depressive energy and the anxiety we all hold.

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