Camino Countdown: 154 days until we walk!

I don’t have a lot to report in our preparation for the Camino journey.  This week I continued to pray and pray and pray about being able to start in August, that it won’t be totally overcrowded and that we are healthy and the world is ready for us to walk.   As our world continues to struggle with a worldwide crisis, I continue to think that perhaps this is all part of our pilgrim journey in doing our internal work.  Perhaps we aren’t mean to be overly productive during this journey but maybe it is ok to sit vigil during our pandemic time.  Part of our preparation for the Way may be reflecting on what it means to be ready for change in our world.  Just a thought.

I know Scout has continued her training walks and we walk every day with the pups although it hasn’t been as intentional lately because we also want to stay healthy and safe and responsible.

Keep on with your inner journey this week!

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