Relying on small delights

This week has been a rough one for me. As I have said in earlier this week posts, I  feel like this week was a point for me in which I started lamenting the monotony and when the plane tickets were cancelled for going home, I had a breaking point.  Big crocodile tears happened multiple times this week and a great feeling of loss hit. I know that so many other people are feeling the loss even greater than me but we are no longer in competition I hope but acknowledging our communal grief….loss of plans, people, ideas, knowing what is to come….we all are experiencing all sorts of loss.   I also know that ups and downs will happen during this whole process.  So in response to feeling loss, I started taking in what small delights were happening throughout the week. I am relying on these small delights to get me from moment to moment, day to day, week to week and trying to enjoy all I can.  To balance the feelings of monotony and loss I give you a list of small delights from the week….

-Sitting on the balcony talking deeply while sipping rose last night with my amazing and supportive partner

-A cookie given to me by the shop owner and dear friend around the corner at one of my favorite cafes that I try to frequent because I want it to survive

-Daily long pup walks in the sun

-Blooming all around me

-Signing up for classes to begin next week

-Sending a video of playing the guitar to nieces and nephews and receiving videos back

– Making and eating good food

-Reconnecting with friends via text, zoom, facetime

-Watching my little starts grow on the balcony, imagining the salads to come

– Belly laughing with Ana about small things

-Poetry that moves me and videos that give me tears of joy

-Watching a zoom wedding of a friend from the past and now I can watch her moments of love and joy and a mentor tear up as he performed his daughters wedding via zoom

-Links sent to me by friends for me to follow

-Dreaming of the Camino

– Good coffee and sunshine

We will get through this together. We can do hard things.   We can build a list of small delights.

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