Camino Countdown: 100 DAYS!!

I feel a little like I am back in elementary school when you celebrate the 100th day of school but in reverse.  We are just 100 days away from our beginning and stepping out of St. Jean and on our new journey.

This time of year always brings sweet memories of Camino life since Ana and I were on the Camino right now almost to Santiago just three years ago.  It is when we began our life together even though we would have no idea what a journey we would be headed on together from the end of the Camino to now.  We are eager to walk again as a couple who have been together for three years and know each other deeper.  I am eager to walk the Camino again after finding myself and knowing my call so much clearer than I did three years ago, knowing more of who I can be and who I am when I am my truest self.

We are still hoping and praying that we can go on this journey. This week articles were released by Spain’s tourism offices that tourism will be opening up again in July.  This gives us plenty of time to see how all of this goes as far as numbers and how to avoid risky situations concerning the pandemic etc.  I know many pilgrims from the US are still cautious and planning to just go next year but Ana and I agree that as long as we have flights we are going.  It will be an interesting time to walk the Camino.

I also read a blog/facebook post by the owner of the albergue in St. Jean that we will be staying at who walked over the Pyrenees and was the only pilgrim. He reflected on his time walking a path worn by so many and yet he was the only one there that day.

In the meantime, we continue to gather what we need together piece by piece. I bought another shirt this week and am looking at travel journals.

100 days…3.2 months….and we can’t wait.


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