Camino Countdown: 93 days and three months from tomorrow!

Ana and I have been talking all week and we were both agreed. We desperately needed to get out of the city.  Our flat and the concrete of being in our neighborhood all of the time was really getting to both of us. We both also love nature and hiking around.  We are not always the most of outdoorsy people but give us a good woods or an ocean and we are out walking along or inside it.  This is why we went to Switzerland months ago .

We found a blog that outlined some nearby options.  We found a quick regional train that would take us there with limited transit exposure and we convinced a couple of friends to go to.  I loaded up my backpack with dog gear, water, and snacks I bought yesterday at the Turkish market (the essentials of cherries and Turkish delight) and we set out.

We got off in a small town called Erkner and walked to the trailhead. We then spent the next few hours wandering around small lakes and canals and in the woods.  Along the way, I looked up and there were Camino signs! We kept bumping into these amazing signs and it really got me in the mood to walk and walk.  We walked close to 8km in what I now look at as one of our training walks for the Camino.  We both had our Camino shoes on and we were ready to walk and walk.

It was so amazing to get out of the city and into nature. It was refreshing to breath in the pinecones and to not be surrounded by concrete. It refreshed our souls.

This is how we have been preparing for the Camino this week. According to the office of Spanish tourism the borders will open July 1 without quarantine for people coming in.  While I am still pretty anxious about being around people, this is hopeful for our walk.

Let’s hope and pray! Next weekend we are planning on another adventure.


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