The World Ablaze

Yesterday as we were hiking I looked to a field of brilliant green. I just couldn’t get over how green the greenest of things was yesterday. One of my favorite sights in spring is when the new shoots of a plant is shooting out of the old growth. The new green looks almost lit up compared to the older more established green. It is as if the green announces its arriving. It feels new and like it has something to announce. The green fringe from ever greens arrives with triumph.

Today is Pentecost Sunday. It used to be that I celebrated Pentecost by putting on my bright red dress and entering the church with celebration. This morning I sit in our chair with headphones on, coffee in hand and a red plaid shirt on to represent the red of the day to watch my first church service of the day. Like a true theological nerd I plan on watching church services throughout the day interrupting my Pentecost viewing by taking walks with the dogs, hanging out with Ana, reading some schoolwork, and taking moments of just being in the day.

This year is so different in how we see this day as well.  Usually we preach about the Holy Spirit appearing and pushing us out into the world, with all our tongues lit on fire and the wind blowing us into a new world. This year though we are still in our homes, weighing what is possible and what is responsible in how we go out there.  We shutter at the very mention of wind carrying particles from each other.  The world is ablaze not with tongues lit with fire but with buildings lit up with riots and words crying out different prophetic words.

And it occurs to me that this may be how the Holy Spirit moves as well. Ana and I spent some time this morning discussing , processing, talking about what we can do and how we can educate ourselves about our privilege and white supremacy.  What can we do over here and yet there must be so much we can do. The Holy Spirit is rousing us to do more, learn more, say more, act on more.  It is moving in the wind and flame.  I am looking for it in the sermons I will watch today. I am yearning for it in the walks I will take today and the connections I continue to make.  I am listening for it in the midst of newscycles, latest information and wading into re entering the world.

This year, Pentecost means everything, doesn’t it? The world is ablaze in new green, fires of prophecy and anger, and a world that we are wading back into.  There is no normal to return to and thank God for that.

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  1. Terry Neal says:

    The last sentence of your post says it all.

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