Camino? Countdown: 44 days

Just a month and a half out from our grand adventure and we find ourselves in completely rethinking the entire thing….

This is what we know:

  • We still have a little less than a month to play with and utilize.  Hopefully we are flying to Belgrade for Ana’s sister’s wedding on September 25th.
  • We have someone in Germany who is coming to stay at our place with our pups.  Because she is coming from Frankfurt she should be able to get here no matter what and not rely on airplane travel.  She will be at our place on Aug. 30 until Sept. 30.
  • We want to hike and perhaps build in some rest while we are at it.
  • We have the gear to Camino.
  • We are yearning to hike ancient paths that lead to peregrination (spots of renewal and newness).

So with all of that information I went to work looking up trails in Germany. I mapped out a few options along the Jakobsweg that feed into the Camino. Germany is ripe with trails and beautiful scenery and we should be a part of that. Who knows. maybe this lesser traveled path with lead to a much greater story and muse.  I mapped out a few 450km length trails that seem awesome…one in particular is like the Camino but less traveled but set up with structure and guides and striving for the feel of the Camino. It is called the Via Regia.

More and more we are setting our sights on the Via Regia.  We thought about hiking through the Black Forest…we will sometime.  We thought about hiking through various wine countries but the fact remains that anything on that side of Germany is a good 9 hour train ride away and we are thinking perhaps 2-5 hour train rides should be in our future.

We shall see but for now…we are moving towards a Camino but a different one than expected which seems to be the theme of 2020.

More to come!

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