Some days are just different

Yesterday I had big plans. I had been planning this particular day for a whole week or so.  My therapist suggested that I try to take a few days to myself somewhere in the near future.  I had been searching different places to go and different things to do but found myself just getting overwhelmed with the thought of trying to pay for, book and then go to somewhere else.  Everyone is trying to get out of the city right now so the cute little cabins are quite full within a short train ride away and our big trip is coming up so at the same time I want to spend my monies there.  I declared earlier last week that I was giving up on that plan for now.  October would be better for a few days away.

BUT I was planning on taking the entirety of Monday to go and write at this garden I had been looking at. I think it has wifi and is beautiful and I would go there for the day.  “You are in charge of the dogs and life on Monday!” I declared to Ana. “I will write!”  I need to get some schoolwork finished and have ideas on some submissions to make and ideas for this blog.

But then yesterday came with hot weather in the forecast. Over the weekend we had highs of 97/98 degrees (35/36 in C for my European peeps). It wasn’t going to be as hot but still hot to be uncomfy.  Maybe the garden idea was out.  Was there an air conditioned cafe? Maybe!

Ok, even if the plan is a little off still….I have a whole day!  Then I got a text from the person coming to take care of our dogs in September and our apartment. She came over Saturday morning to meet us and the pups. We ate scones and walked the pups. She is awesome.  Love all around.  And because it was so awesome she wanted to come with pastry to see us and the pups again.  Ok, come on over but I have plans.  Her early and my early are not the same so what was going to be a quick stop by turned into coffee and croissants on the balcony and then another lovely walk and then Rose leaving at 11:15am or so. My prime hours are usually the morning but oh well, it was lovely and great.

By that time it was starting to get hot and my motivation waned….no public transit for me! I again declared it as if everyone in my house must care.  I chatted with friends, watched a little greys while eating lunch and declared I was off to a cafe!  I made some mistakes in my cafe calculation…1) outside seating only at the cafe I chose and 2) no laptops allowed.  So I drank my coffee and read my book. Perfectly lovely but also not the productivity I had idealized.  After I melted sufficiently I went back home.  My plan a bust!

I made another declaration…today is just NOT what was planned and that HAS to be ok. Ana agreed. Some days are just like this.  And there is always tomorrow. There is another day and the obstacles created a different day.

With this declaration out of the way, I managed to write a bit on a school paper and work on a sermon. That felt right and good. Although not the overall grand writing retreat as planned, it was still a day that was ok and good. I made an amazing dinner. We ate together.  We watched some tv. We took the dogs on a cooler walk.  We enjoyed the evening while trying to stay cool and today I rise with other plans that may just go awry but perhaps that means it is the day lived into rather than the day planned.

How are you doing with your days?

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