Via Regia Countdown – 10 days!!! Wow!

We have our train tickets to Gorlitz, a two hour train ride away and I have made reservations in every town we plan on stopping in except for one for the 15 days we plan on walking.  We have our gear and are buying our last minute travel items although we know that each town will have whatever we forget as long as its toothpaste and soap.  We have our clothes, our boots, and even our special quick drying undies.  I have my walking sticks and the person coming to look after the pups and the apartment came to visit and all is going well so far.

We are just about ready to walk.  We don’t have any other train tickets yet because we need to still have some flexibility.  If we decide this isn’t for us we can do something else.  This is our new story for the fall.

It is happening day by day and we are getting excited to walk and walk and walk.

Would you like to walk with us from your location?

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