Just another pandemic Monday….

The leaves right now in Berlin are pretty incredible. All weekend I persuaded Ana to go walking in them. Yesterday, even though we all felt like being a bit lazier, I talked us into getting up and out the door while there was still some sun around us. We walked to Treptower Park, about a 20 minute walk away and one of my fav parks in Berlin. The amount of trees is worth it. We played and jumped and waded through leaves. Luna and I love the crunch of the leaves while Push loves running through them. I think Ana likes all of the above. This attention to the leaves helped with the fatigue and disappointment that we are constantly feeling.

This morning I woke up to rain. The pups and I wandered through it and came in wet and cold but ready for another Monday. I have nothing on my schedule today. I did a little indoor work out and looked at my week. School starts next week which a bit of directed work will be good for me. But this week, we see the numbers rise and I know I should stay close to home which means I get to read, write, putter, a task here or there, walk the dogs….aka the same things I have been doing.

Today I have written some, talked to many via text, scrolled Facebook and Instagram, dealt with our cancelled tickets by waiting forever on hold to request a refund that is promised to be in our account within three months, folded some laundry, started the dishwasher and took the dogs on an extra long at least an hour walk while there was just that amount of time of sun (its dark and stormy again), looked at school updates, decided what to make for dinner, and read over a few things for a few people. Same. Stuff. Different. Day. Just another pandemic Monday.

BUT the leaves are keeping me going and step by step I will get through Monday. How about you?

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