It’s raining, it’s pouring

Fall in Berlin can be sunny and chill one moment and rainy the next, much like Oregon. This morning I could hear the rain against the windows before I opened my eyes but this morning the first moments were busy with other thoughts. This morning Ana got up early and got everything together, we hugged her out the door and she was off to Serbia for a few days.

We are all a little nervous about this trip since Germany is about to go back into somewhat of a lockdown starting on Monday BUT the borders are staying open and there isn’t a travel ban. As long as there is a flight from Belgrade to Berlin on Wednesday, she will be on it. In the meantime she will celebrate her mom’s bday and eat amazing food and stay in the village with her parents, isolated from the city. I just got pics of her cuddling with the puppy as she is still working “from home” today.

After she left I could look up what the day would hold and it says it pretty much all by the pic above…rain, rain, rain and more rain. I headed out the door, geared up to help a friend move. Yesterday was sunny and clear but today, the day I need to be out the most is rain rain rain rain. I walked there the 20 mins in the rain, moved stuff, hung out with the friend and coffee and then walked home in the rain to get the pups ready to walk in the rain. As we speak, it is pouring rain. As Ana called me from Serbia and her sky was clear and blue, I am in the dark rainy time. Rain and more rain.

On one hand it makes it ok to get cozy and curl up and the other it makes me miss Oregon. Some days are just all about the rain. How’s your day so far?

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