Lockdown Lite Week 3

Today is Monday, the first day of the third week of Lockdown Lite in Germany.

How are we coping?

All weekend we snuggled in and made time for long walks, meditation, the first episode of the new season of the Crown, good food and of course our bubbles on Friday ritual for the pandemic.

Lockdown lite is a weird reality of things we can and things we can’t do. Yesterday we went on a walk and it seemed like all of Berlin was right alongside us on the path. The weather was perfect fall weather….58 degrees (Fahrenheit), beautiful leaves and sunshine…which meant everyone raced outside to try to get some relief from being indoors without anywhere else to go. At one point we veered off of the very beautiful canal path back into the neighborhood because it just seemed too crowded and both of us are trying to be responsible in the world.

We sold our great big kitchen table yesterday because more and more we need to rethink our space since this life we have now isn’t changing anytime soon. We may try to move Ana’s office set up into the kitchen so then our living space can be more of our living space. We hardly sit at the kitchen table except for an occasional meal but it wasn’t cozy and right now we need to make all of our spaces the greatest living space we can imagine. So it had to go. We also have dreams of buying some sort of exercise equipment so that we might be able to move our bodies more during the cold months since the gym is closed. Again, spaces right now much shift and change. They just simply have to.

Every day I look at flights and pandemic predictions but really it is all about waiting to see what happens.

We will have Thanksgiving next week with one other family and we are busy planning the menu. 🙂 Turkey is impossible to find here so there will be some sort of bird. There will be mashed potatoes and perhaps from scratch green bean casserole since there are not the same onions and soup that you would find in the US. There will be cranberries and some sort of pie. I will attempt my grandmother’s rolls or something akin to it since none of us can master them since she left us. I will indeed watch White Christmas while it all happens.

Supposedly lockdown is for November only but I am convinced it will extend. We shall see. Oregon has announced a shutdown that looks almost identical to our lockdown starting Nov. 18th for two weeks. All I can do is send good vibes and prayers. Talking with my family yesterday we all need it. We are all healthy thank goodness but we also need patience and connection.

How are you dealing? How is your heart?

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