While you were sleeping…

One of my favorite holiday movies is the movie, “While you were sleeping.” It is the story of Lucy who is without family while she lives in the bustling city of Chicago and works for public transit. One day, the man that she had been flirting with/secretly in love with but not really, was mugged and fell on the tracks. She jumps on the tracks to save him but when they get to the hospital they won’t let her in so she says she is his fiancé. All sorts of antics ensue with the family and all of a sudden she is thrown into the family. The man stays in a coma while she slips into the family dynamic. You can imagine. 🙂 It premiered in 1995 with Sandra Bullock as the main actor.

I was thinking about this movie as I got up this morning and bundled up to take the pups out. It was 33 degrees out (F) and I hadn’t slept well so I was a bit groggy as I slid my shoes on and the husky got more and more excited to go out.

I wandered out into the frosty world thinking about how the time zones of Oregon and Berlin insure that each morning when I wake up a whole world has happened in the in between times. 9 hours apart means that when I am sleeping things happen in the day and when my people in Oregon are sleeping, things happen in my world. About a month and a bit ago, I deleted Facebook off of my phone. I realized that I impulsively check when I have a moment of downtime and I didn’t need that excuse to be on a screen when I am just in the world or just bored for a moment. It became reflexive and I began to hate that. I deleted it but it also means I don’t check it first thing in the morning or in the middle of the night and whether I like it or not Facebook keeps me posted on what so many people are doing.

So I wake up without that knowledge and I kind of like it that way. I start my day with a walk in the sunrise instead and greet the sun like this morning…

And I can think about what I missed while I was sleeping but I know that it will be there once I have greeted the day properly. I know that during this time of lockdown and holidays and uncertainty perhaps that is the most important thing.

How has your day begun? What did you miss while you were sleeping?

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  1. That’s a gorgeous shot of the rising sun. Nice!

    I check every morning to see if the Transition has begun, but alas, no. Or it has, but not with official government dollars. Like Advent for the secular?

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