Lockdown Lite Week 4

Today marks the beginning of lockdown lite week 4 in Berlin. This week the officials are supposed to gather again to talk about whether we stay in lockdown for longer. My hunch is that we will. Cases haven’t really gone down all that much. This week I have also been realizing more and more that I should stay in Berlin for Christmas for a number of reasons. I am also seeing that Oregon has joined us in lockdown lite and I am nervous that Thanksgiving will only increase cases in the near future.

For us, we continue to adjust to this difference in our life and also our frustrations. Everyone seems to agree that waves hit us at different times of what we miss, what we are frustrated by and what we appreciate.

So this week was about snuggles and walking in the cold for moving about. I made my grandma’s apple pie and crust for the first time. It turned out so well and connected me a bit to home. I have been doing schoolwork and writing devotionals and soaking in moments of sun when they appear since the days are shorter and shorter.

How are you holding up?

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