Lockdown lite to strict week 7

Yesterday we got the news that lockdown lite is moving into lockdown strict as of Wednesday. This is week 7 of lockdown lite, begun on Nov. 2nd and on Dec. 16 we move into a lockdown that includes everything closed except for grocery stores and medical necessities. No alcohol allowed in public, people asked to work from home, tourism not allowed, and a plea to stay home while if out, wear masks.

While we knew it was coming and we know its necessary, it is still a bit heavy. Just a week and a half from Christmas and shops have to close which is hard on local owners and the morale of everyone around especially since most of us are limited to staying right where we are. We will be in this state of lockdown until at least January 10th.

So while the news feels a little bleak, I decided it was time to light the candles, yes real candles on our Christmas tree.

Here’s the background…this is a very German traditional thing to do. I didn’t even think about it until my friend Daniel saw a pic of our tree and said, “it would be perfect for candles! I will give some to you if you buy the holders.” Done and done. I went on a walk with Daniel this past week and picked up lovely beeswax candles for my bright new red holders on my straight and open boughs. Both Ana and I were present and attentive. Almost every American friend or fam member I talk to are worried and my German friends are nostalgic. We never left the room and they were lit for about 30 minutes.

But oh, that 30 minutes made a difference. All of a sudden I felt a moment of joy as they were lit and so beautiful on the tree with our lovely collected ornaments.

For just a moment it was ok that we were here and not in the US as my memories from a year ago reminded me. For just a moment it wasn’t so looming that we are all going into stricter circumstances in just two days. For just a moment it was ok.

And yesterday we took advantage of the freedom to take the pups to the dog park and stroll with gluhwein on the way home. All were happy yesterday and could forget for a moment the exhaustion of constant decision making and readjusting expectations.

But here I am on Monday morning, up since 5am due to a dog issue, and thinking about what a weird world we live in right now. Praying for quick and effective vaccines as it unrolls and safety for those still travelling at some point over the holidays. Wishing we could at least book an airbnb outside of the city, knowing it is not allowed and so trying not to get any hopes up about being in the trees or mountains or by the water any time soon. I will watch more Christmas movies this week and finish up classes for a few weeks this week and stay safe and informed.

How about you?

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