Morning light

This morning the clouds almost looked like we were on a movie set, not just in our daily morning walk. The pups and I walked outside as the sun was just beginning to rise. There was still mainly darkness that changed every minute we were out. I kept them out longer than I normally do in this first walk. Normally, we have a route that we walk that is the amount they need to do their business and get moving but under the amount that totally freezes me and just the amount of walking I need before I am ready for my first morning sips of coffee. This morning we stayed out longer to see the drama of the red skies unfold.

I saw others stop to watch, to take pictures or to just be in awe. Of course, the pictures do not do the scene justice. You can barely see just how breathtaking it was to see the light reflected off of the water and the buildings around us. It was so much more intense than we could imagine. I zoomed in on my phone camera to try to show that the clouds looked like a painting.

This is a good way to start the day. Do I wish I was out of the city? Yes, I yearn for it. Do I wish that we didn’t have to go into a strict lockdown tomorrow? Yes, I pray constantly that perhaps this will end soon so I can see my family. Do I kind of dread wading through this week? A little because I need a break from classes and there is a piece of me that can’t wait for Christmas but also dread its appearance without my family nearby.

What a weird time we live in and yet the morning looks like this…


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