Merry Christmas!

Yesterday we made Christmas sweet. We exchanged stockings with just our little fam, we ate good food all day and we zoomed with the family while they opened gifts and we felt just a little bit closer.

Months ago I announced that I just couldn’t imagine waking up in Berlin on Christmas and I could handle just about anything but I couldn’t bear being away from Oregon for Christmas. Then the unthinkable happened and we realized that I would need to stay in Berlin. The pandemic didn’t go away, it just got worse. It was safe and responsible to stay. I did all the things to cope and landed on resolution about being here. We even tried to book an airbnb elsewhere but tourism isn’t allowed so we are basically stuck here for our holidays. So we got the best tree, bought more ornaments, hung up stockings and planned our menu.

And I woke up here on Christmas and did the unthinkable thing of not being with my family. Yes, there were still moments of sadness yesterday but there are also gifts during this time that we uncover along the way. On our walk before bed last night with the pups Ana said, “You know, never before and probably never again will just one person get you all of Christmas and now I have gotten to spend the entire day with you…it is a privilege.” It was sweet and lovely and true. It was a privilege to get to be just the two of us at Christmas all day. While it wasn’t my first choice, we made it sweet and lovely. It was something we will always have and talk about.

The season continues. We have 12 days of Christmas now that we can honor. Another holiday is around the corner that we never thought we would be here for this year but here we are to welcome in the new year next week together as well.

Friends, Merry Christmas from our house to yours. May your season be full and sweet and even if a little weird and sad, that’s ok too. But here we are. Love and light to you!

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