Lockdown week 12 …that’s 3 months!

Monday again…how was your weekend? Do anything exciting or new? Anything relaxing or intentional?

As we enter into week 12 of lockdown, there is hope that we may just be turning a corner. Numbers in Berlin and the state next to us, Brandenburg, have started to go down. We can’t take too big of a breath because numbers tend to go down over the weekend…not because people stay home more over the weekend but because everything is closed. Tests don’t happen over the weekend and therefore numbers aren’t reported over the weekend so we shall see. BUT it seems as though we won’t go on stricter lockdown with more of a travel restriction quite yet and here’s hoping we don’t. We shall see.

Even if it is a glimmer, it is still a bit of hope that kicks off our week.

Last week, as you have read, was a tough one for me. It felt as though things were all pretty much the same. I was impatient with lockdown and with others around me. I moved through the days and they had things in them but it felt a bit groundhog dayish. This week I am collecting recipes to have fun with new challenges. I have a project of writing in mind that hopefully will rejuvenate inspiration to write. There is snow falling as we speak that is starting to stick. I know it won’t last long today but it made our morning walk enjoyable.

Ana has made herself a self care checklist as she tries to hold on to her hopefulness and choose healthy things to make herself feel better about lockdown. I love this. She has outlined the tools that help her and care for her and each day she checks off which tools she has used. If she is still feeling not great about today she looks to see what she can do more of and she looks towards the coming days and does things for herself that will make a difference later. Her checklist includes exercise, walks with pups, calling her family, playing piano and reading. It is a good list. That is just a sample of what is on it. What would be on your checklist?

Last night Ana decided it was time for her hair to be cut and she cautiously took out her haircut device to buzz it short. I warned her not to utilize me. If you know me, you know that I am talented in many things but this is not one of them. I am too clumsy and a bit out there to hold something so precious in my hands. I can cradle babies well but not a haircut buzzer thing. She needed my help. I warned her again. But she needed help with the back and I got the long hairs. We took a breath but then she asked me to even things out. One more warning.

I held the device opposite of what I should have which means the buffer of plastic was on the other side of where it should be and I buzzed. Long story short there are now two spots on the back of her head that are a much closer shave. I wasn’t trying for a style and I ran away quickly. We vowed that she would never ask for this favor again. I won’t put a picture here…we vowed to never show that either and luckily in lockdown she is usually on zoom face forward or with a hat on outside. And her hair grows quickly. I was crying and then we were laughing. Unfortunately, I know this may be a common couples story in these days. Perhaps COVID hair has taken on new dimensions in our household? So our week has begun with less hair, more coping mechanisms and tastier food to come (we hope).

Love to you!

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