Lockdown week 13

Monday again. When I look back on the week it is full of ups and downs. I didn’t write throughout the week because while my hopes peeked out here and there, I didn’t feel like I had a ton to say. I thought about it and then put the computer aside to experience what was before me.

Last Monday had a super high when the package sent to me from the McHill-Munir fam for Christmas finally arrived. We had all be tracking it and hoping it would arrive soon. When it came it did NOT disappoint. It made the week! It was full of US treats that we aren’t able to get here as well as homemade ornaments from our nieces and an amazing card. It included things just from Oregon as well. It was truly an amazing package but the gold lay at the bottom in the form of a family size box of Wheat Thins. If you know me you know that these will not be shared and are like a family member I haven’t seen in way too long. They are pure comfort and joy.

We then had some dips in a stricter lockdown unrolling on Tuesday. We know are required to wear medical masks at the grocery store or on public transit. Cloth masks will not do. Our lockdown has been extended to Feb. 14th as well. There wasn’t a curfew imposed although talked about and the 15km limit has been lifted in our state but other states are still beholden to it. It can change at any minute. We have been discouraged by the lack of vaccines mentioned or even a plan here. I am starting to get jealous at those who get it that I see from afar but I am also so grateful and relieved that it is happening. What a constant mix of emotion!

We have seen a little snow here and there but nothing so momentous. I love how the snow falls around us when it does and pray that it sticks for one really great snow play day. The husky would be in heaven!

I baked some more and cooked some more. We walked and talked and watched a show here and there. I got to preach again last night with one of my fav communities to preach live to in Portland after I lead prayers for Portsmouth (what a fantastic group of people). I love that I get to connect to churches from over here, churches that are so clearly caring and compassionate for one another and who follow God’s word so deeply.

But here we are in week 13 of lockdown. What will this week bring? Will it bring variance or new surprises? What will we see and hear?

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