Lockdown week 14

Monday again as we enter into lockdown week 14. The buzz around Berlin is that the numbers are going down but the lockdown will probably continue past Feb. 14 due to the variants. There is little talk of vaccines which feels a bit disheartening but we know that it will happen eventually. The pic above is I think how we are all feeling about this extended lockdown. We are healthy and safe. We have all that we need and yet we are just at a level of bummed and bleh about the whole thing.

BUT this week it snowed which helped change things up a bit. The city ran outside and instead of its usual sadness in lockdown, people seemed overjoyed about playing in the snow which then turned into ice and sun. Today I took the dogs out in 18 degree (-8 in C) ice and sun. I layered up and the husky was happy. I was happy to be walking in a sunrise where sun is promised instead of the normal grey. Feb. 1st is off to a fairly positive start. I finally feel as though I am over my little cold and normal once more with a little bit of aftermath.

Last week I ventured into making an awesome cordon bleu dinner and last night I harnessed all of my church potluck casserole energy into making potatoes au gratin to go with our yummy fish. I had never made the layered potato comfy goodness before. Its not a go to in my world but why not. It is time to call in all baking and cooking sources for a change of pace. We will see what happens this week. We have also returned to receiving HelloFresh boxes for a few weeks. When I feel as though I am tired of meal planning I return to HelloFresh for a restart and the meals have been good. It is nice to not have to think through all of the components but still cook fresh food. We try to only order takeaway once a week, twice in a pinch and to patronize our fav local spots that we want to support in this time.

What creative ways are you varying things this week?

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