Pie for Breakfast

This morning I had pie for breakfast. Apple blueberry pie that I made late yesterday afternoon and Ana and I enjoyed a slice last night. The pie making was a last minute decision because of a few things…

  1. We had a number of apples that were on the cusp of not being great.
  2. And we had some blueberries that I knew existed in our freezer and fridge.
  3. When I miss my grandma, I pull out a recipe or two of hers and remember her and kind of chat with her. I believe that I have really gotten the hang of her pie crust recipe.
  4. Mid afternoon came around and I had some space and thought…well, why not.
  5. Thursday afternoons can be a lull because Wednesday is full of class and wipes me out but it is before I have some regularly scheduled church stuff in the evening. Pie making it is!

It filled the house with the most amazing smell and brought all sorts of lovely memories with it. Ana and I couldn’t wait to dig in when it was time to eat a sliced.

A few notes on this process in Germany…

  1. Germans don’t really do pie like Americans do therefore there really isn’t a proper pie dish. There is a quiche like dish used for pie so it comes out thinner which sometimes I love and sometimes I just want more layers. Someday this will be true.
  2. My crust is flakier and crustier than German pie as well. So it comes as a novelty around here but delicious nonetheless and I am happy to share.

This morning, Friday morning, I got up and walked the pups and when I came back to the smell of Austrian coffee filling our house I knew that pie must be had for breakfast. Some of the thought process behind this undertaking…

  1. We have lots of delicious fruit pie.
  2. Fruit is an active component of breakfast as well as pastry which is the crust.
  3. This coffee is utterly delish with pie (as I would soon find out). We had this coffee in Vienna and fell in love and I have since found a Germany company that will send it to me in reasonable cost.
  4. I will work out after the pie experience.
  5. And well….its lockdown week 14 and pie for breakfast is a win. I’ll take it.

Reader, it was not disappointing and it was ultimately the best decision of the day so far. In this world of feeling pretty trapped in the same location, I will take this win. The workout on the elliptical added balance as will the pup walk later to balance out more pie that I will be eating later on for sure.

What indulgences are getting you through?

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