Lockdown week 16

This week we have continued enjoying the snow and especially loving when the sun decided to arrive as well. True, it was crisp outside but we bundled up in layers to play around. Our husky is loving every bit of it. Just today, the temps started to warm up a little and the snow became slush. The canal froze over and people are so desperate for something different that they threw caution to the wind and pulled out ice skates and sleds to wander on top of the water. We saw hockey games and full picnics on the ice. We waved to our neighbors and slid along the path whichever path we chose.

This begins the week that marks four months of being in lockdown. The lockdown was officially extended another month. We can only dream of a little lessening here and there. Even at the end of this promised strict lockdown the only promise is that hairdressers will be able to reopen. Hairdressers! Nothing else so far in a month. BUT we shall see what happens. I have given up on trying to plan that far in advance when it comes to all of this.

Inside, we are getting creative. We made our own spa afternoon by turning our bathroom into a makeshift sauna and putting on facemasks. We sipped our sparkling water from our sodastream and put on spa like music to walk around in a calm. We made margaritas with higher end tequila since there is no alcohol allowed past our own homes but I put a salt rim on our glasses with the best of them. We have also settled into the winter scene by trying not to get too angsty about things we cannot change.

The vaccination convo is frustrating. The things we see in geopolitics around vaccines is infuriating but really all we can do is wait at this point. Someday this too will be a memory of how it was all laid out before us.

In the meantime I am so thankful for mail received and cozy Sunday mornings and feeling like I am getting ready for a Lenten journey that starts tomorrow…

How are you this week?

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