Lockdown week 15

The snow continues to flurry outside today as the temps hover around 14 degrees F (-10 C). Entering the 15th week of strict lockdown encourages people to stay indoors not just because of corona but because of the weather as well. The wind continues to ice over everything and the snow reminds us that we get a deep winter this year in Berlin. So many had told me about winters past with this kind of cold but Berlin has not seen a winter like this in many years. Berlin is kicking into action on making sure people have places to sleep instead of freezing to death outside if they need a warm place and businesses while they can’t be open are advertising ways to donate to making sure people are warm and have services.

In vaccine news, this morning I heard on my daily English news for Berlin podcast that, “Berlin expects 267,000 vaccine doses by March, Brandenburg 180,450 (rbb news).” To put this into perspective though…Berlin is a city of 4 million. This hardly makes a dent in how many vaccines are needed especially when you think on how everyone needs two doses. On one hand, I am glad we are finally hearing about vaccines and on the other hand, these numbers are disheartening especially when I hear about US vaccine news. My family and I were talking about this last night on our weekly family zoom. If nothing else, I just really hope for more awareness around all of this in how we relate to one another worldwide. For us over here, this means more staying put. We hope to hear this week about whether or not the lockdown will loosen up a little.

For me, personally, I just dream of being able to book an airbnb somewhere in some trees not even very far away. I am almost desperate enough to see if we can swap apartments with even friends across the city just for a little change of pace. The snow helps with changing the scenery a bit and it is nice to be able to venture out and hurry back in to get warm and cozy.

How are you holding up this Monday?

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