Some days are like this

We have made it to Friday. Near the end of lockdown week 17 the emotions seem to be flowing high all around. The general sense of those around me is a mix of anger and sadness, exhaustion and little glimmers of hope. Mainly, we are all ready for something …different to happen….

Here are some tidbits from this perspective:

  • Germany is less than 2 percent vaccinated as of this point although in yesterday’s news reports the government is aiming for all to be vaccinated by September. On one hand the 2 percent mark is discouraging and on the other hand the glimmer of a promise of September is hopeful.
  • People are making hard and interesting choices and who can blame them or us or everyone?! It seems like a distant memory in which we could eat outside and mask cautiously. Everything is closed and we can’t hang out. Hard to be ok with all of that BUT the sun has been out this week which means long walks with one friend at a time makes the world a bit better one step at a time.
  • Being an immigrant right now is a hard feeling to explain to anyone who hasn’t been one. We are far away from home and our people and connections. Its not safe to travel and even if we can figure out to, should we? Plus there is this fear that I have that because I am not from here, I won’t know when I can get in the vaccine line. If you are from a location you know the systems and nuances. I understand how immigrants get lost in the things unsaid. BUT thank God for zoom and texting and kind people along the way.
  • It was announced today in my Master’s program that our next semester starting in April will all be online again. We are planning for this to continue for much longer. Hard to want to put a bright lining around that one BUT we continue to grasp at our copes to stay afloat.
  • Spring is around the corner and my balcony feels like a lovely extension of our place BUT we have to get through the rain that is sure to come which is good for the earth but yeah, lets hope for more sun soon.

In this space it is the constant ebb and flow, isn’t it? We are lucky to be safe and healthy and can do our part in keeping others safe and healthy. Keep on, dear reader, we will get through this together.

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