It’s working!

A few months ago, the pastors that I work with at the church I work for in Portland, Oregon over zoom asked if I wanted to facilitate a Lenten class for their community. I thought about it and thought it may be an awesome thing to and submitted three ideas, all of which I would have to create but have had ideas for. The one that they both thought would be awesome was an idea I had for a cooking class through Lent.

Many people have been taking cooking classes online over this time or eating together over zoom. A dear friend of mine talked about this cool “dinner party” where the “hosts” sent them a box of ingredients and the recipes, as well as a few bottles of wine, and they all cooked together over zoom, the same recipe, and then ate together over zoom. How cool is that? His only complaint and not really a complaint was that it took hours and hours to accomplish this feat. If I am teaching a class it can’t take hours and hours and it has to be a) adaptable b) can happen over many time zones and c) must have a variety of ways to connect to each other and the divine.

My idea was to create a devotional with accompanying recipes that people can do at home over days, times zones, needs and wants and preferences, and then report back. I have been writing the weekly curriculum per courses, trying to include different Lenten traditions. People make the things and do the corresponding devotional and then upload pics to Facebook. We will have our first zoom today to check in. Multiple connective components.

AND IT’S WORKING! The pictures being uploaded are far beyond my expectations. People are into it. I can’t wait to hear the zoom tonight and check in. I just sent out week two materials for our soup courses and hope that people are as excited as I am about it. We have about 30 households participating in some way because its that adaptable.

IT’S WORKING! Plus I am loving writing the weekly curriculum. 🙂 If you want any of the materials and you aren’t on the list…let me know! Happy to share. 🙂

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  1. I wasn’t sure I was up for this; it sounds fascinating but I’m a little overcommitted with things right now. I’d love to see a sample of what you’re doing…

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