Lockdown week 17

Here we are, Monday again. As we enter into week 17 of strict lockdown around here, I am exceedingly grateful for the sun that has appeared. As I write, the husky is sleeping on the sunny morning balcony and the little dog is curled up and cozy. Yesterday she basked in the sun spots on the rug and we all felt a bit of relief at the spring feels that are happening this week.

The news this morning includes a spike in variant COVID cases as some kids got to return to school so there is nervousness that the lockdown might be extended yet again. As of right now, it is supposed to lighten March 7th and beyond. We shall see. The vaccines are still slow to arrive and when they do those of us under the age of 65 will be limited in what we are offered….eventually. But first there will be tiers of people that go before us. I am patient to wait through those tiers but still get pretty frustrated that they are so slow to arrive due to geopolitics and a much larger topic.

Yesterday I preached live in zoom for a church here in Berlin and a pre recorded sermon for a church in Portland went up on their you tube page. I do love that I can continue to preach and help out in communities over zoom and you tube. This is a silver lining.

The last week of school was last week so now I wait for the next semester in April and in the meantime hope to write a lot more.

All in all we keep plugging along with the promise of more sunny walks this week. How are you?

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